"...certainly a band to look out for in the future." - BBC

“...structured electro-pop melodies...engaging velvety vocals...” - CMJ

"...a solid piece of work from start to finish" – Indie Shuffle

“...well-placed negative space, calming synthesized beats, and haunting vocals.” - The Music Ninja

“Kodacrome virtually shimmers like gold or rubies...” Impose Magazine

“One minute rife with warm and contagious dance-pop beats, the next minute boasting edgy rock riffs, Kodacrome’s songs are full of relentless energy and shimmery appeal.” - BreakThruRadio

“...Kodacrome has carved out a unique space that'll make you wonder why no one has thought of pairing an acoustic guitar with casiotones before.” - The Deli NYC/SF

“Elissa’s deep, rich vocals often become yet another instrument for Kodacrome’s crafty experiments” - Loud Loop Press

“...whispery, yearning, reaching-out-for-something vocals, matching that with the arrangements that sweep from indie pop to 80s New Romanticism to mid-90s Garbage.” - The Culture Of Me

“Kodacrome’s EP, Perla is actually quite hard to pin down. At times it leans heavily on danceable electronics; at others it’s rough-and-ready rock; at others still it has a light and acoustic feel. What’s impressive is that the blend still manages to make sense.” - Listen Before You Buy

“Kodacrome is seductive, and far from the tepid intentions of their forbearers...Think Sleigh Bells on Ritalin delivered by your best friend’s sexy older sister when you were fifteen.” - Story Of Sound

"’Modern Man’ pins Pociask's sonorous vocals (akin to Emily Haines') against the backdrop of Casey's uncluttered rhythm” - Knox Road

“...intelligent, polished, and catchy electronica.” - DJ Dale Giramma, WRIU 90.3 FM Kingston

“...an essential listen for anyone who loves electronic inspired pop.”- Suite 101

Perla is 6 tracks of the most perfect electronic pop...” - beats, breaks & big smiles

“...some of the most spine-tingling electronic music you’re likely to find this year.” - Bangstyle